M200 Blanks AR-15 Speed Loader

M200 Blanks AR-15 Speed Loader

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This Loader is for the M200 Blank Training Cartridge WILL NOT LOAD LIVE AMMO!!!!!!

Perfect for training day

Load up to 30 cartridges quickly and easily with this loader. 

Made from 1 piece of BLACK closed cell PVC for strength and durability. No chance of splinters.

Handy area to stage the cartridges for easy loading.

Marks engraved in loader for 10, 20, 28, 30 cartridges

Only measuring 27"x8" it's small enough to fit in your range bag.

Works with most magazines on the market today.

We have designed and tested with Magpul GEN2 & GEN3 and GI Metal Mags

Previous customers have tested with, D&H aluminum, Hexmags, Promag, and Troy and have reported working as well.

Some magazines such as Daniels Defense, Amend2 or TAPCO do not fit in pocket without additional clearancing.

Works with M200 Blanks


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